Friday, February 4, 2011

Good Luck

We could all use some good luck these days, don't you think? Are you all ready for Super Bowl Sunday? Even if you don't like football, it's worth watch for the commercials. I'm looking forward to spending my Sunday eating junk food and cheering for the Packers. I just may get some crafting in too. I hope whatever you do this weekend it's something fun!


Patti J said...

Superbowl means time in my girl cave and junk food! Wahoo! Your card is adorable, and St. Pat's Day will bbe here before we know it! Thanks for sharing!

Tenia Nelson said...

Very cute card!!

Toni said...

Even thought the packers are favored to win, I think the steelers are gonna take it. We'll be out all day at the WM Open in the VIP tent...woot woot, we'll be home in time for the super bowl though, I'll call you later!