Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I heart you

I intended to post this earlier today, but my camera batteries were dead. Took too many Christmas photos that I'll scrapbook someday. Anyhow, so much for a slow work week. Got called in for tomorrow 'cause everybody is sick...OH goody now I can be around all the lingering germs. No matter. I can use the extra change to save up for my new laptop. If my calculations are correct I only have to work another 6 or 8 months and not spend a dime of my paycheck and I'll have enough money. OR I can sell six thousand dollars in TAC products.

I wanted you to have a fun Valentines Day card to look at until I can stamp again. You know, with work and all. I know you miss me terribly when I can't post. ;-)

Have a happy Wednesday and thanks for looking!

Maybe the sarcasm with subside by my next post...


Stacy said...

Super cute! Sounds like you have a good savings plan for your new PC. Are you saving for a Mac? DS has been wishing for one but they are so pricey! Anyway, stay healthy!

Angela K said...

This is so sweet, I love that emma paper!!