Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays

I wanted to share with you one last Holiday card for the season. I just put the finishing touches on my Christmas thanks you's and I'm gearing up for the next card giving occasion. I'll post my Christmas thank you's after I send them so not to spoil the surprise, but I can tell you they are cute! I hope you all are ready for Christmas because it's right around the corner. I think I'm done and now all I have left to do is sit back and enjoy the next week. May you and your families have a wonder Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Patti J said...

You are my hero! I'm still shopping, cleaning, and fretting! I did my relaxing first like a silly woman...beautiful card my friend! Enjoy your relaxation!

Angela K said...

I know those Thank You cards are going to be cute!! :) Love this card, just beautiful!