Monday, July 2, 2012

Mr. & Mrs

One of the girls at work is getting married in August and I decided to make her a little something special. I've made so many of these in the past but never one for a wedding. It's a Mag Time Frames kit and they're fun and easy peasy. They supply you with the "hardware" and easel and you do the rest. The white is glued to a sheet of metal and there are little magnets behind the flowers so you can put photos or whatever you like on it. I have one I made for my son's Christmas photo with Santa which changed every year. I added an element from her invitation on the front and glued the invitation on the back. Her shoes are a beautiful shade of blue so I went blue ribbon and flowers. I wish I could have used patterned cardstock on the background because it's a little sturdier but I couldn't find what I wanted, so I just went with it. Also, using cardstock on the magnetic sheet is probably not a good idea unless you get stronger magnets which I will have to do for this. And if I had been thinking I should have probably changed the orientation of the frame. Most wedding photos are not landscaped, but it's too late now. LOL! Thanks for looking today!

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