Monday, April 12, 2010

Fuzzy Pink Poodle

Today is the last day of spring break and the weather is gloomy, rainy, windy...perfect for stamping! I do my best work when the weather is like this. In between working on Mom's day cards I've been trying to put some cards together for Operation Write Home. They only have a few restrictions on what you can send, but the big one is no glitter. I never realized how much I used glitter until I started making cards for them. I had a bunch ready to go and then I realized just about everyone of them had glitter in some form or another. Drat! So I've gone back to the drawing board and am working on a fresh batch of glitter free cards. I hope where ever you are, you are finding some time to be creative and maybe even do something charitable this month! Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.

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